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Olympus Coffee Apollo blend

Olympus Coffee Apollo blend

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Origins: Three
Aroma: Hazelnut, Vanilla
Flavour: Cocoa, Malty with smooth Hazelnut and Vanilla notes and hints of stone fruit
Body: Pleasantly well rounded
Acidity: Balanced
Finish: Sweet powdery, milk chocolate.
Description: A solid well-rounded coffee with excellent body and crema. The flavours are simple and definitive. Based on two Brazilian origins and rounded out with two Ethiopian origins drawn from Sidamo, Limu and Guji seasonally and completed with a sweet Indian Merthi Mountain Honey Process Robusta.
Suggested Beverages: Iced Coffee (with or without milk), Long Black, Cappuccino

Apollo was the God of music, prophecy, the sun and the light. Son of Zeus and Leto, he was the creative God, the beautiful God, the narcissist. He was well liked because of these traits but also was protective of many things. 

Apollo blend is as versatile as the God himself, in that it can be consumed with or without milk and still maintain that balanced taste. 

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