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Olympus Coffee Athena blend

Olympus Coffee Athena blend

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Roast degree: Dark-Medium
Origins: Three
Aroma: Hazelnut, Bold, Leathery
Flavour: Toasty, Powdery Cocoa, with Stone Fruit notes.
Body: Bold yet well rounded with a distinctive powdery chocolate
Acidity: Muted and understated
Finish: Cherry Ripe
Description: Blended and roasted to stand out nicely in milk. Powdery cocoa flavours from the start with nice earthy tones and full body and beautiful stone fruit flavour and yet balanced acidity. Based on a Brazil natural process with fruity contributions from an Ethiopian DjImmah and given body from an Indian Merthi Mountain Honey Process Robusta.
Suggested Beverages: Latte, Flat White, Cappuccino, Mocha 

Athena was the goddess of wisdom and warfare. Daughter of Zeus, her smarts are product of being born out of her father’s head! Athena is courageous, intelligent, strategic however she is also proud and has a stormy temper. A modern day warrior and intellectual, Athena is a formidable force! 

The Athena blend is your perfect beverage for all milk based coffee drinks. It is a more indulgent coffee bean that can be consumed day or night. 

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